Counterfeit is always an issue in the industry. UNI-CORE as one of the pioneer who has spent tremendous efforts to solve the problems. We bring you the most cost effective intelligent pod system-- Model Y. We kept the essences of our validated intelligent atomization system, while minimized the cost to achieve it, hoping to increase its accessibility, to smaller, up and coming brands.
Plug, Authenticate Then Play
Intelligent Voltage Output Curve
Data Capabilities
Plug, authenticate, then Play
Cartridges are validated when inserted, only cartridges authenticated by the brand are allowed to work with the battery, it does not requires mobile phone or any APP. A smaller brand could have batteries that ONLY works with their cartridges starting as low as only purchasing 100K cartridges 20K devices from us.
Intelligent Voltage Output Curve
Oil branders are able to adjust output of the voltage preciously by customize every second. It helps to bring out all the flavors of their creations into a next level.
Compatible with all liquid type contents. Each content are aerosolized differently base on different settings created for each batch of cartridge.
Data capabilities
Although small and cost effective. APP and online data analysis functions can be added if brands chooses to. The data capacity is not as strong as flagship series, but compare to other vaporizers in the market, it is still the “android phone” in the era of “Nokia phones”.